Our Manifest

Less conversation, more action

“It’s possible do better than what has been done!

We do not want discuss hype, viral, cool actions or what everyone is talking about just to be in vogue. Nor believe in gurus with little market experience, a lot of talk and little action.

In the end of the day what we want is “less guessing and more information”. This is the premise that makes us we wake up every day to make the ideas born in BunnyCo come true to rationalize and multiply the results of our clients.”


Why the Bunny?

Multiplying results

Bunnies are animals that despite their small size have great skills such as agility and multiplying capacity.
Other impressive thing about them is their wide vision: a bunny can see anything in a 360° view without moving its neck.
As the bunnies we are small and fast. We can achieve great results that help our clients to reach their goals supported by a sense of innovation.

We’re different

DNA based in two strategic points

Business Objectives

We were born in the market as “clients“.
Objectives should be linked to results in the client’s core business.


We do not believe in “maybe”.
Success only happens if results are measurable.

Who’s behind BunnyCo

Senior professionals leading projects

  • Stella Wilderom
    Stella Wilderom Founding partner

Public Relations graduated at University of São Paulo (USP) with national and international awards from ABRP and Intercom. Held teaching chairs in the areas of Strategic Planning and Institutional Communication at the Methodist University of São Paulo (UMESP). Currently Digital Marketing professor at Senac-SP and Quero Ser Social Media (QSSM).
Stella has also extension courses in storytelling and online media at Birmingham e East Anglia (UEA) universities.
With over 12 years of experience worked as executive in Brazil and Latin America for companies such as General Motors, Telefonica/Vivo, BlackBerry, Samsung, Catho, among others. Was responsible for repositioning brands in digital environments with global awards and kick off of renowned e-commerces.
Specialties: 360º marketing, planning and content management for social media, digital PR and content marketing.

  • Rodrigo Rubio
    Rodrigo Rubio Founding Partner

Electrical Engineer graduated at UNICAMP and Post Graduated (MBA) in Business Management at FGV has more than 14 years of experience in Marketing, Sales and BI in B2B and B2C markets. Currently Digital Marketing professor at Senac-SP and Quero Ser Social Media.Developed analysis, projects, products and led teams at companies such as Vesper, Embratel, Telefonica/Vivo and Agência Click for large clients in the financial, automotive, food services, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, energy, consumer goods, logistics, sports and tourism.
Specialties: strategic planning, SEO, web analytics and measurement /optimization in digital environments